Our Story

We travel every few months to see new properties and to re-visit old favourites. We look at numerous camps on these trips – it is only by actually seeing what is out there that we can be sure we are offering you the best advice.  We’re still passionate about creating tailor made safaris that will introduce you to the Africa we know and love.

We’re not a big company and have stayed close to our roots which we think makes all the difference. Whether this is your first or fifth safari you are in good hands and you won’t pay more for our expertise than if you booked the safari yourself. 

Why Choose Us?

We only operate in Tanzania and Zanzibar Island and our ‘little black book’ of contacts is without compare. We have worked with the majority of our suppliers for many years and we visit them regularly. As Original Masai Adventure guest, you can expect the finest service from the very best in Africa.

We travel every few months to see new properties and to re-visit old favorites. It is only by spending time on the ground that we can be sure we are offering you the best advice.  We take pleasure in helping you achieve your wish list, whilst recommending the hidden gems and out of the way places that turn your safari from a good holiday into the trip of a lifetime

Where possible, we select small, owner run camps and lodges so you can experience the bush away from the crowds. Your trip can be made (or broken) by your guide so we use camps that employ the most experienced, personable guides, with unrivalled local knowledge.

You will be looked after every step of the way, from planning your itinerary to advice on what to pack. And thanks to exceptional service and decades of experience, over 70% of our clients come from repeat business or word of mouth. Well into our second decade, we still strive to exceed expectations on every holiday we put together.

Once you’re home, we want to hear about your trip and find that feedback from our clients (both good and occasionally bad) helps keep us abreast of changes on the ground.

We’re passionate about safaris – travel is, after all, probably the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Whether you are a solo traveler, honeymooner, couple, extended family or a group, we can help you plan an itinerary with experiences that surprise and delight so you can enjoy the real Africa with absolute confidence and security.

Give back to our society

Original Masai is giving back to the community through Enjipai Community with one common aim, to improve the lives and living conditions of the Maasai and Tanzanian people.

Let’s help Maasai People for Education, Clean water, healthy and for better life.