The wildebeest migration is one of the unusual actions that take place on earth. They struggle really hard and fight for survival during the migration. The inescapable obstacles are challenging and it is a true example of survival of the fittest. These wildebeest cover almost 600 miles for river crossing migration. They face all the difficulties or pain with great braveness. They have to cross their first obstruction which is the Grumeti River on the western part of Serengeti.



If you wish to obtain more knowledge about flora and fauna of the safari, then walking safaris give you the real experience. You can explore beautiful landscapes which will give you the experience of a true wilderness of Hadada African Adventure. In Tanzania safari tours we give utmost importance to the safety of our guests on walking safaris. Our armed, experienced, and trained guides will accompany you to guarantee your safety.


The amazing balloon safari will give you a view of the beautiful African landscape from above which will be a very memorable experience. The balloon safari of Tanzania safari tours gives you an extensive view and you will love to capture the memories which your heart will never forget. You can even get a clear sight of animals like cheetah, lions, leopard elephants, buffalo, hippo, vultures, eagles, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, warthog, monkey, giraffe and different species of other animals. You can enjoy your balloon safari in Serengeti as well as in the Tarangire National Park.

The best countries to do balloon in Africa are Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.



Those who wish for simple and easy activity at Hadada Africa Adventure, we treat them with canoeing safari. It gives you one of a kind experience to just relax and enjoy the hypnotizing scenery. If you do not have adequate time to explore the national park, it is a good option.Our expert guides will meet you at the canoe launching site who will give you safety instructions before you set off on the water in their company. Canoeists glide over the smooth lake water (20m offshore) drifting past giraffe, buffalo, and elephant. We offer canoeing safari in Arusha national park and Lake Victoria.