Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park 

The Park got its name from Tarangire River that flows through the centre of the Park and forms the dry season refuge for wildlife, especially elephants.It is in this Park that visitors will be able to see threatened as well as endangered species such as ebony trees, Python, cheetah, elephants, African wild dogs, lesser and greater Kudu, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk and others.Birdlife in Tarangire is just Amazing ! About 550 species of birds have been recorded in the park, which is larger number of bird species than the famous Serengeti.

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What to do in Tarangire National Park

Wondering what you could do and see in Tarangire National Park? Here are a few itineraries that Original Masai Safari can offer you for your next trip to Northern Tanzania.

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